English summary Massage at work ”Företagsmassagen”

Massage at our clinic in central Stockholm

Employees, private customers and pregnant are welcome to our clinic for a massage.

You will find our massageclinic at Norr Mälarstrand 18, 11220 Stockholm close by the Central station, City hall as well as Subway station Rådhuset.

We offer curative (deep tissue massage), relaxing oil massage, foot & leg massage as well as pregnancy massage. 

Book a Curative massage / Deep tissue massage (Behandlande massage)

The curative massage is a deep tissue massage where the masseure focus on getting your pain away or make your muscles less tense. We focus on where you have pain and muscles influencing that area. The massage is great for those that have problems for example in the neck, shoulders and back either it is due to sitting wrong at your desk or if you have exercised a lot. After the massage your muscles will be less tense and most of the time we see a reduction in pain or stiffness with more than 50%.

Find a slot available for a curative massage by clicking on the link below.

Deeptissue massage 25 min 450kr    

Deeptissue massage 55 min 850kr    

Deeptissue massage 80 min 1150kr  

Book a relaxing oilmassage (Avslappnande oljemassage)

The relaxing oilmassage is a lighter form of massage with less pressure and the goal is for you to relax and get some time to reload your batteries. This massage is a great choice if you have been feeling stressed and need some time off. You will feel less stressed and full of energy after the massage.

Find a slot available for a relaxing oilmassage by clicking on the link below.

Relaxing oilmassage 25 min 375kr   

Relaxing oilmassage 55 min 750kr   

Relaxing oilmassage 80 min 1000kr 

Book a foot massage & leg massage 

Please choose between footmassage only or a combination of foot and leg massage. 

Foot massage 25 min 450kr               

Foot & leg massage 55 min 850kr     

Book a Prenatal massage (Massage during pregnancy) (Gravidmassage)

Prenatal massage is a type of massage tailored for the pregnant women and her needs. The massage is not as strong as the deeptissue/curative massage and more like the relaxing massage. However it is tailored to your specific situation and how long into the pregnancy you are. Our clinic has a special massagetable for you with a whole for your stomach or a pillow for prenatal massages. Our masseuses has all the eduction needed, are well experienced and appreciated for their massages. 

Find a slot available for a Prenatal massage by clicking on the link below.

Prenatal massage 55 min 750kr    

Prenatal massage 80 min 1000kr  

Book a massage at our clinic in central Stockholm

For finding all types of bookings available please click on this link or on the onilinebooking tab.

You can also give us a call at +46(0)8-394818 and we will help you out.

Massage at work

We see Massage at work as a part of an overall company strategy for good health, attractiveness as an employeer as well as good profit. For more information about our services for companies and their employees please contact us for a discussion. 

Benefits of massage at work
Regular massage at work is a preventive activity so that your employees don’t get pain in their body and needs to be away from work. For the company it is also a deductible cost as it is preventive work for health of the employees.

More productive and happy employees 
As an employee you are an important asset for the success of our company. We think that as you get massage at work you get rid of your pains and can be more productive and happy as an employee at our company. This will in turn lead to more happy customers and colleagues.

Loyal employees stay longer 
Offering massage at work improves the attractiveness to work at your company. It improves the loyalty of the employees and reduces the recruitment costs. 

About Företagsmassagen

Our vision
Företagsmassagens vision is to make sure more employees get well deserved massage at work. By getting massage at work the employees get more energy, becomes more productive and it is preventive so that pain, stiffness and troubles do not occur. 

Our Mission
Our mission is to lower the threshold for the employees of taking massage by bringing experienced masseuses to your office. 

Our goals:
We care for your stiffness’s and pains so they disappear. Thereafter we work preventive so that you don’t get pain. 

Our Masseuses
Our masseuses have many years of experience and adapt the massage to your individual needs. Their specialty is deep, relaxing and curative massage. Their long experience from working at SPAs, saloons and some at hospitals means that your staff gets massage based on their individual needs.

Customer reviews

Below are some customer reviews about our masseurs and more can be found at Reco.se as well as Vården.se.

  • ” She was incredibly experienced and found connections between different muscles and how they work together. It made a real difference and I now understand that I need to go regularly to get rid of my pain in the shoulder, back and arm.”  Nina Hahn, Founders Alliance.
  • "She gave me the best massage ever. My back felt so much better afterwards" Signe G
  • "Very professional staff. Mona is great and really understands the pain points. Better than my naprapath!" Ramona J
  • "One of the best there is in Stockholm" Really skilled and professional!!!" Nanna B